Day 1 - Session 5

Dr. Sanjaya and Dr. Burkule moderated Session 5. Dr. Jagat Narula gave the first talk, enlightening the audience on coronary atherosclerosis. Next, Dr. Y Chandrasekhar explained the “CMR approach to MINOCA” through his simplified lecture on an important topic. It was a great experience to listen to the discussion between Dr. Narula, the first editor of JACC imaging and Dr. Y Chandrasekhar, the Current editor of JACC imaging, on one platform. 

They also highlighted the importance of research. It was nice of them to offer to mentor those interested. They suggested that finding a mentor would be easier than starting research from scratch with no prior experience. Being of Indian origin, great scientists, clinical stalwarts and welcoming mentorship inspired the audience.

Concluding the session was an industry presentation by Neosoft. Dr Wolff, a Cardiac radiologist from New York and founding member of the company, shared a few cases of CMR post-processing through AI-assisted software. I t was a lucid case- based presentation showing the utility of the cost effective suite heart software.