Day 1 - Session 4

The last session of the 11th Annual Virtual Conference of IACI 2021 was much awaited, and it marked the international collaboration of IACI and SCMR [Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance]. Dr. Elizabeth Joseph and Dr. Sanjaya Viswamitra planted the seed for the SCMR-IACI partnership a few years back, which has now grown to be a consistent feature in the IACI national conferences. It also signifies international standards of educational and outreach activities by the IACI.

Moderating this session were Dr. Mona Bhatia, Dr. Leena RV, Dr. Vimal Raj and Dr. Nitin Burkule. Cardiac imaging has improved leaps and bound, and the changing practice is hard to keep up with current path-breaking research and improving technology. Dr. Chiara Bucciarelli Ducci opened this session highlighting must read research publications through ‘The year in CMR – Evidence changing practice’, making it easy for the audience to keep up-to-date. Following this, Dr. Saul Myersons talked detailing ‘CMR in Valvular Heart Disease’, emphasizing CMR assessment’s importance in timely intervention. Dr. Rajesh Kannan then simplified the mind-boggling topic of the ‘CMR number game in congenital heart disease’. Next was an interesting case-based series from Dr. Vimal Raj on ‘CMR in uncommon cardiomyopathies from day today practice’.

Dr Yuchi Han brought perspective to the MR findings in ‘COVID Myocarditis’ – raging in this pandemic. The last talk of the day was the much awaited ‘Arrthymogenic Substrate Imaging’ by Dr. Saman Nazarian. The session ended with an excellent message on further and future collaboration with IACI by SCMR representative Dr. Lilia Sierra. As a part of the tradition, She launched the 6th issue of the IACI Newsletter led by Dr.Aparna Irodi and    Dr. Ashita Barthur.