Day 1 - Session 3

The first session, following lunch, was on cardiac oncology. Cardio-Oncology is an emerging field in India, and CMR use is gaining importance; it involves the care of cancer patients with cardiovascular disease, overt or occult, already established or acquired during treatment. Cancer patients can present with many cardiovascular problems, not all of which are directly related to cancer therapy (medications or radiotherapy). 

Hence this subspeciality calls for teamwork, a multidisciplinary approach and close collaboration between cardiology, radiology and oncology specialists in a Cardio Oncology setting to reduce the cardiac side effects of cancer treatment or tackle it at a nascent stage.

Dr. Elizabeth Joseph [HOD, Radiology, CMC Vellore], Dr. Suman Singhal [Director Cardiac imaging, Eternal Heart Care Centre And Research Institute, Jaipur], Dr. Vivek Agarwal [Medical Oncologist, NH hospitals, Kolkata], Dr Anoop George Alex [Interventional cardiologist at CMC, Vellore], Dr. Ashish Singh [Medical oncologist, CMC, Vellore] and        Dr. Jesu Krupa [Cardiologist at CMC, Vellore] moderated the session.

The chief speaker was Dr. Arjun K Ghosh, the lead consultant cardio-oncologist at University College London Hospitals and Barts Heart Centre. He helped establish and grow cardio oncology services at these centres, which are now amongst the biggest in the world. In his talk, Dr. Arjun Ghosh shared the spectrum of cardiovascular presentations and their diagnosis in oncology patients and shared their prognostic implications using Imaging. It intrigued exciting discussions from both oncologists and imaging experts.