Day 2 - Session 2

Dr. Babu Peter, a professor from Barnard Institute of Radiology, Madras Medical College and Dr. Bhavana Reddy, moderated the 2nd session.

The first talk was by Dr. Johann Christopher . He enlightened the audience on a rather complex and less known topic, ”Imaging of diastolic heart failure. He comprehensively explained the use of Cardiac MRI in heart failure with preserved ejection function. Next, Dr Richa Kothari, with her vast experience in ischemia imaging, spoke on “Viability assessment with mimics of acute MI”, highlighting the role of dobutamine. Once thought to be less important than LV, RV is no longer the forgotten chamber. Next,Dr. Pudhiavan emphasized the importance of RV assessment by CMR through his presentation “RV assessment with CMR”. He highlighted the advantages of using axial cine with illustrations and gave examples of pathologies affecting the RV. Next on the podium was Dr. Priya Chudgar, who has made a commendable effort to incorporate strain imaging in routine practice at her hospital. She intrigued the audience by keeping “strain imaging and innovations” understandable and straightforward.

The IACI aims to spread awareness about the standardization of CMR reporting in a language that the referring clinical understands. Finally, and as always, Dr. Aparna Irodi kept it simple and achievable through her lecture on “How to provide a comprehensive and relevant CMR report”, highlighting the need to discuss our reports with the cardiologists.