Day 1 - Session 4

The fourth session of day 1 of the 11th IACI virtual national conference was a lively post-lunch session focusing on cardiac CT topics.

The chairpersons of the session were Dr. Parul Garde and Dr. Ashita Barthur, Dr. Parul Garde is the Treasurer of IACI. She is the Head of the Department of Radiology at Global Hospitals, Mumbai.

Dr. Ashita Barthur is an Associate Professor at Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, Bangalore.

They introduced the speakers for the session Dr. Sanjaya Viswamitra, Dr Johann Christopher and Dr. Onkar Auti.

For the first talk of the session, the Executive Chairman and past president of IACI,

Dr. Sanjaya Viswamitra, spoke about “Calcium Score – Its History and Relevance after 20 years”. He further elucidated on this topic in a very lucid and comprehensive manner to point out its applicability in present times.

It was followed by an exciting talk on “CAD RADS – How is it integrated in Patient Care?” by Dr Johann Christopher, an eminent Cardiologist and cardiac imager at Care Hospitals, Hyderabad. He gave us a practical approach to including CAD-RADS in the daily reporting of CT coronary angiography and how standardization is pertinent for patient management for coronary artery disease.

The last talk of the session was by Dr. Onkar Auti, IACI Executive member and radiologist at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, on “Extra coronary findings on coronary CT- Not to miss lesions”. He gave a simple, easy to follow, practical approach to looking at the heart beyond the coronary arteries.

The session was concluded by a very rousing Q& A session, followed by the moderators thanking the speakers who made this session a great one.