Day 1 - Session 1

ASCI – IACI joint session

The second session of day 1 of the 11th IACI Virtual National conference was the all-important and exciting ASCI –IACI joint session on the theme of “Present and Future”.

The chairpersons of the session were Dr. Kakuya Kitagawa and Dr. Sanjaya Vishwamitra.    Dr. Kakuya Kitagawa is the Director of ASCI joint symposium and Associate Professor, Dept. of Radiology, Mie University Hospital, Japan.

Dr Sanjaya Vishwamitra is the Executive Chairman and past President of IACI. He is also the HOD, Radiology services at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Bengaluru.

Dr Kitagawa gave an initial presentation introducing ASCI to the delegates and elaborating on its various objectives and educational endeavours. He also introduced Dr. Jiayin Zhang, Dr. Hyung Bok Park and Dr. Dong Hyung Yang, speakers representing ASCI.

For the first talk of the session, it was apt that the past president, Dr Sanjya V, invited the current president of IACI, Dr Hemant B Telkar, to deliver the first talk about “Focusing on challenges of cardiac imaging in the country”. He talked about the lack of exposure to cardiac Imaging among residents during their initial training and the need to address it, among other unique challenges facing cardiac Imaging in India.

This was followed by an interesting talk on “CT myocardial perfusion imaging – from research to clinical practice” by Dr. Jiayin Zhang from the Department of Radiology, Shanghai general hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He spoke on the indications for CT perfusion with many case examples.

The next talk of the session was by Dr. Vimal Raj, Joint Secretary of IACI and Consultant Cardiothoracic Radiologist, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bengaluru, on “MR stress perfusion imaging and interpretation”. The talk was lucid and informative and threw light on the forefront of ischemia research like stress T1mapping for ischemia assessment.

Dr Hyung Bok Park, an Assistant professor at, Department of cardiology, International St. Mary’s hospital and Catholic Kwandong university college of medicine, Korea, then talked about “CT FFR – opportunities and challenges”. He covered the recent trials on CT-FFR and the challenges the investigation faces with its probable solutions.

As we entered the last legs of the session, we had a great talk on “PET MRI in cardiac imaging” by Dr. Rajeshkannan, General secretary of IACI and Associate Professor, Amrita institute of medical sciences, Cochin. He threw light on this advanced hybrid imaging tool now available at our disposal and its applications.

Dr. Vidur Mahajan, who runs ‘CARING’ – Centre for Advanced Research on Imaging, Neuroscience and Genomics, moderated the last talk of the session. First, he introduced the last speaker of the session, Dr Dong Hyung Yang, Associate professor of Radiology, Asian Medical Centre, Seoul, Korea. Then, he presented his talk on an exciting and upcoming topic – “AI in Cardiovascular Imaging: Focused on cardiac CT”.

The session was concluded by the president of IACI, Dr. Hemant B Telkar, by thanking the ASCI organization and the speakers who made this session a great one.