Year 2020: 10th Annual Congress goes virtual​

Saturday – 31st October

Sunday – 1st November

Sat – 7th November

Sun – 8th November

Destination: Virtual

Conference Details

frequently asked questions

What happens after I finish payment?

Fantastic. Now that you have finished the payment, sit back and relax. You will now have received the payment confirmation from our payment gateway partner regarding the completion of the same. We will then check the information provided by you and the IACI team will send a confirmation email, welcoming you to the conference. This process might take a few days, worry not, we will get in touch.

What happens if my payment does not get completed?

Worry not. Because the moment you hit the submit and pay button, your details are saved with us. We will then cross verify if the payment has been completed too. If in any case we find that the payment has not been complete, then we will contact you using the contact information provided by you. Of course there is always the contact us option. You can get in touch with us that way too.

How do I submit cases online?

Please scroll up the website to the Case Submission area and fill up the form and upload the cases that you have according to the guidelines given. Please follow the guidelines as listed here.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, IACI policy does not entertain refunds at the moment. However if the participant is able to state valid personal/ professional reasons, our team will assess and consider a refund based on internal review.