About Us

Our Ideals


To form a platform for collecting  and analyzing data for Indian population and propagating scientific facts based on Indian experience and research in Cardiac CT and MRI.


To be recognised nationally and Internationally as an independent society dedicated to develop Cardiac CT and MRI through education, training programmes, research and formulating evidence-based guidelines


Need to establish evidence-based  guidelines and recommendations for clinical application of Cardiac Imaging. To form an organisational pyramid consisting of impartial and dedicated people for smooth non-partisan functioning of this proposed non-profit Indian Association of Cardiac Imaging

President's Address

Hello friends and thank you all for the support given to me by IACI from time of its inception to where it is now.

I vow to make IACI presence stronger in our country with each state having IACI representation by the end of 2020. Our online presence will be much stronger than it is today in the coming future. We have challenges of raising funds to perform our activity and i am hopeful that IACI activity itself will attract the industry towards us, rather than we going to them. 

Our certification course has been gaining popularity since I have started the same in Mumbai from 2017 onwards. A more structured and consistent program, in content, is needed which we will achieve in this academic year. Our association between IACI and SCMR and ASCI has been established and is growing stronger. Various committees have been formed since I have taken up the post and I am happy by the enthusiasm shown by them. 

I hope my activities speak more than my words during my presidential tenure



Dr. Hemant Telkar

President - IACI