President’s Message

Dr. Sanjaya Viswamitra
President, IACI

The IACI was founded in 2010 by a core group of like-minded cardiac imagers at lunch meeting.

Our mission is simple:

  • Educate ourselves and others in cardiac imaging: focus on CT and MRI
  • Cultivate best practices in our institutions and help others do the same
  • Foster forums and discussion panels to allow cardiac imagers across India and the globe to link together, clear doubts, clarify protocols, challenge friends and simply make cardiac imaging fun.
  • Give opportunities to young imagers, some in age and some in experience, to build their own niche and careers, and in “pay in forward”!
  • Engage our imaging brethren from other Cardiac Imaging associations. A holistic understanding of cardiac imaging is for the betterment of the patient.

IACI initially went with the traditional approach of a single annual conference and a mid-term meeting.

We soon realized that we had to be flexible to achieve our goals. The annual remains a key meeting place, a watering hole, where we meet to discuss basic and advanced topics, and welcome our international guests and friends from the Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) and the Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging. We hope to engage other associations – national and international in the future.

Just as the annual meetings are expansive, the mid-terms are highly focused and driven by one cardiac topic: CT, MRI, or Pediatric Cardiac Imaging. The dedicated force of a few experts works wonders to enliven and enlighten the audience in the subspecialty of choice at these meetings. These are organized by the local regions, in their interest, and at their convenience. We have a wonderful response with CMR in Vizag and Pediatric Cardiac Imaging at Wadia being the two most recent mid-terms. We would welcome anyone from any part of India who feels that they have a need and can organize a mid-term to contact us.

IACI has moved to a workshop model of educating delegates. IACI offers level 1-certification courses in CT, CMR and Pediatric Cardiac Imaging. The model of 50 cases, delivered with hands-on review as time permits, sensitizes the novice indications, advantages and capabilities of cardiac imaging, while maintaining the experienced imager’s interest. Level 2-certification will soon be available and be a dedicated workstation based evaluation for a longer time, more cases, for a smaller audience.

All of these efforts have made our membership soar past the 700 mark.

It has been for me, a time of great personal satisfaction, a time of friendships, an opportunity to foster the young new stars of cardiac imaging (there are many of you out there) and learn from everyone I have had the good fortune to meet on this wonderful journey.

We still have a long way to go. I would urge those who are not members to please join. My heartfelt thank you to those of you who are. We are vibrant, active, and beating strong because of you.

– Sanjaya Viswamitra

About Us


To form a platform for collecting  and analyzing data for Indian population and propagating scientific facts based on Indian experience and research in Cardiac CT and MRI.


To be recognised nationally and Internationally as an independent society dedicated to develop Cardiac CT and MRI through education, training programmes, research and formulating evidence-based guidelines


Need to establish evidence-based  guidelines and recommendations for clinical application of Cardiac Imaging. To form an organisational pyramid consisting of impartial and dedicated people for smooth non-partisan functioning of this proposed non-profit Indian Association of Cardiac Imaging

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